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Join us for our Annual Pancake Breakfast on Sunday 5/28/23

Updated: May 23, 2023

With the generous support of our community in previous years, the Anderson Island Firefighters Association has been able to purchase medical equipment that helps us in our mission to save lives and protect island residents. Each year our goal is to purchase critical equipment for EMS or fire service needs. Most recently, funds raised during the Pancake Breakfast have allowed us to purchase the following items to aid in patient treatment and transport:

1. Automated CPR device

2. EMS patient transport stair chair

3. Electronic feedback CPR manikins

We are so appreciative of the benefits that equipment and training means to our community. The Firefighters Association and the entire Fire Department are proud to have you join us in this effort.

This year our goal is to purchase additional monitoring equipment for EMS patient care, as well as a search and rescue Stokes basket with all-terrain wheel for remote trails on island, ensuring critical patients receive the right treatment at the right place and at the right time.

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