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Prepare in a Year - Under the Bed Supplies

You may have a 72-hour (three day) survival kit for emergency situations, but do you have a 72-second kit? Those are the supplies that will get you through the immediate aftermath of an incident.

When disaster strikes, it may be difficult to think as rationally as in normal conditions. The more procedures you have in place, and the easier they are to remember and implement, the more effective and efficient your response. We recommend that you keep these basic response supplies under the bed. That way, day or night, you will know where to find the essentials.

Critical Under the Bed Items:

• A bag or backpack (this will prevent debris from getting in your supplies).

• Sturdy, yet comfortable shoes — to protect your feet from hazards like broken glass.

• A pair of socks — to provide insulation and another layer of protection.

• Work gloves, preferably leather — to protect your hands.

• Flashlight & light sticks — to assist in low-light conditions and function as a potential beacon for emergency personnel.

Additional Under the Bed Items:

• Dust mask — especially useful in fires and earthquakes.

• Hard hat — to protect you from falling objects like chimney bricks, and downed trees and branches. Bicycle helmets will work as well.

• An OK/HELP card or a sheet of paper and marker for you to write on yourself.

• Tape or adhesive bandages to hang the OK/Help card in the window or on the front door.

• Place a copy of your out-of-area contact card in a plastic bag.

• A whistle (to call for help).

• Bottles of water.

• Portable Radio with Spare Batteries.

By the Bed Items (kept on a nightstand):

• Extra car keys, if available.

• Cell phone and charger.

• Glasses, if needed.

• Wallet.


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