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Prepare in a Year - 2 Weeks Ready

In a disaster, plan and prepare to be on your own for at least 2 weeks.

Why is being "2 Weeks Ready" important?

• Takes pressure off first responders so they can triage effectively and attend to life-threatening situations.

• Ensures you and your family can survive if no one can reach you with help or supplies.

• Encourages neighbors to care for one another, along with other vulnerable populations.

Are you and your family prepared to survive an earthquake or other disaster?

Do you have enough supplies to last you at least two weeks in the event of an extended emergency?

If you answered no to either of those questions, there are several easy and affordable things you can do to get better prepared in case disaster strikes. In the event of an emergency, you will want to be ready with all necessary provisions. With the right supplies, you will be able to react quickly and efficiently and be better able to care for your family.

Click the link below to view a recommended supply list and other tips to be 2 Weeks Ready!

More information can be found at and

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