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What is WSRB?  

The Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau is an independent, not-for-profit organization operating in the public interest. They produce data that insurance companies covering property in Washington state can use to better understand, assess, and price fire risk.   

What is a Protection Class?  

A WSRB Protection Class (PC) is a score from 1 to 10 that represents the community-provided fire protection capabilities available at a specific property. A PC of 1 indicates exemplary fire protection capabilities are available; a PC of 10 indicates the fire protection capabilities, if any, are not sufficient to receive credit for insurance. Each community in Washington state has a PC, which is used as a starting point to determine the PC of individual properties. 

WSRB assigns a PC to each property in Washington state based on:  

  • PC of the community the property is in. 

  • Distance to a recognized, responding fire station. 

  • Distance to a standard fire hydrant. 

  • Fire-department-supplied water if the property is not near a standard fire hydrant (known as water tender operations). 

Protection Class ratings for individual dwelling and commercial properties are available by calling WSRB Customer Service at (206) 217-0101 or emailing

Anderson Island Fire Rescue is a Protection Class (PC): 5

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