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This form is designed to submit an online Public Records Request to our administration. Your request will be fulfilled in a timely manner. Should a delay arise, you will be contacted as soon as possible. A minimum of .20 per page will be charged for duplication costs.

Public Records Requests are also available by printing this form and submitting it to our office via one of these options:

Via email


In person
Anderson Island Fire & Rescue District #27
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The public records officer will oversee compliance with the act but another Fire District staff member may process the request. Therefore, these rules will refer to the public records officer "or designee." The public records officer or designee and the Fire District will provide the "fullest assistance" to requestors; ensure that public records are protected from damage or disorganization; and prevent fulfilling public records requests from causing excessive interference with essential functions of the Fire District.

RCW 70.02.060 Discovery request or compulsory process.

(1) Before service of a discovery request or compulsory process on a health care provider for health care information, an attorney shall provide advance notice to the health care provider and the patient or the patient's attorney involved through service of process or first-class mail, indicating the health care provider from whom the information is sought, what health care information is sought, and the date by which a protective order must be obtained to prevent the health care provider from complying. Such date shall give the patient and the health care provider adequate time to seek a protective order, but in no event be less than fourteen days since the date of service or delivery to the patient and the health care provider of the foregoing. Thereafter the request for discovery or compulsory process shall be served on the health care provider.

(2) Without the written consent of the patient, the health care provider may not disclose the health care information sought under subsection (1) of this section if the requestor has not complied with the requirements of subsection (1) of this section. In the absence of a protective order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction forbidding compliance, the health care provider shall disclose the information in accordance with this chapter. In the case of compliance, the request for discovery or compulsory process shall be made a part of the patient record.

(3) Production of health care information under this section, in and of itself, does not constitute a waiver of any privilege, objection, or defense existing under other law or rule of evidence or procedure.