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Prepare in a Year - HELP/OK Signs

Immediately following a widespread event like an earthquake, tsunami or severe winter storm, first responders will be in high demand and short supply. But there’s an easy step you can take to help!

Residents can place a HELP/OK sign in a front-facing area of their home to help emergency responders tasked with checking door-to-door after a disaster. These are simple signs with the words “HELP” printed on one side and “OK” on the reverse; they may be red and green for increased visibility. The signs can effectively mitigate injuries and loss of life by helping local agencies use what relatively few resources they have in an efficient manner.

After a disaster, place a HELP/OK sign in a visible window or tape it outside on a visible door. This saves valuable time for helpers who will be checking on people in your neighborhood or building. A HELP sign lets them know someone in the building needs urgent assistance. An OK sign tells them that they can move on and focus on those who need immediate help.⠀

These signs may be found at many emergency preparedness sites, or you can print out your own for free by clicking the download links provided below this article.

Help-OK Sign Red_Green
Download • 845KB

Help-OK Sign Blue_White
Download • 165KB


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